Publicon SRL is a company that provides effective and strategic solutions, specializing in improving the economic results - Financial Municipalities and tax agencies, optimizing Genuine municipal revenue, leading me over, with maximum efficiency and in the shortest amount, Management of Collection of Fees Law, Advertising and Propaganda; Use and Occupancy of Public Space and licensing and inspecting of antennas and support structures.


It is to deliver a quality service to optimize the tax collection, through a model of efficient and effective management, supported by technology. To create value for our Contracting and Collaborating, within a framework of strict adherence to ethical and legal standards.


To be recognized as a market leader, delivering a serious and quality service. This, through the pursuit of continuous improvement of our processes, allowing us to achieve optimum performance. That translates into high operating and economic returns with social responsibility. We also develop new business lines based on the experience and resources used.


Share since our inception efficiency values, experience, commitment and professional strength.

  • Merit and excellence
  • We distinguish the constant effort to learn and make our job a symbol of excellence in all areas.

  • Efficiency and reliability
  • We employ all the resources and teamwork to achieve the best results and generate the lasting trust of organisms.

  • Cohesion and unity
  • We work together and we take our decisions jointly, seeking consensus and promoting the feeling of togetherness, generosity and pride of belonging to the firm.




The company has all the necessary technology to perform tasks with maximum efficiency in the shortest possible time, thus allowing the realization of complex jobs survey and classification by advertising types for subsequent analysis situation.
PUBLICON S.R.L has created through its technicians, a special program for the development of this task , it has a large storage capacity in a database and later classified and analysis system , all it operated using the latest equipment , constantly renewal.


Effective short-term results.

Zero financial cost to the municipality.

We have a history of recognition of the quality and the revenues generated.

We are the company with more experience and expertise in the field.

We have a team of skilled professionals , both in administration and in the legal area.

Our goal is to strengthen municipal management, working together with the municipalities.


SRL Publicon permanent purpose is to search for new leadership and genuine income to the municipality to enable it to channel them into community projects and services.
To do this, the organization is concerned in adapting new technologies that improve the standards of service offered , always with strict adherence to the ethical, legal and regulatory standards; and engaging the entire organization in the ongoing pursuit of continuous improvement of its processes.

We prioritize the satisfaction of the agencies we work with having all the necessary means to fulfill it.
As we also seek the development and continuous improvement . Having technology to the development of our service.